Charisma Competition weekend

Members of our elite, intermediate and mini-elite squads took part in the Charisma G.C. Competition, held over the weekend of the 21-22 January at Dulwich College Sports Centre.

On Saturday in the four piece competitions, our elite squad girls took medals in each of the groups in which we had competitors.

Age 8 & 9:  Amelia Lewis 3rd, Tilly Dark 4th.
Age 10:  Clarinda Payne-Sanchez 3rd, Jasmine Thomas 5th, Ellie Berry 6th.
Age 11:  Chloe Chessman 1st, Jessica Ashby 2nd.
Age 12:  Thea Cleary 1st, Lily Sheaf 6th, Amy Glossop 7th, Molly Smith 8th, Jessica Lewis 9th, Poppy Bradshaw 10th.
Age 13:  Sophia Rotchelle 2nd, Jessica East 3rd.
Age 14+:  Hannah Green 1st, Alex Firth 2nd, Olivia Smith 3rd.

On Sunday the mini-elte and intermediate squads were competing in the floor & vault competitions, again gaining medals from each group in which the club's girls took part.

Age 5:  Chloe Hackett 1st, Summer Eilson 2nd, Isla Bushell 3rd.
Age 6:  Evelyn Fornaiser 1st, Sophie Grey 2nd, Layla Randall 3rd, Evie Atkinson 4th, Maisie Connor 5th.
Age 7:  Kalista Payne-Sanchez 2nd, Bella Dark, Olivia Lewis & Anna Storrs =3rd, Ruya Bekar 4th.
Age 12:  Eva Roberts 3rd.
Age 13:  Thais Payne-Sanchez 1st, Amelia Landa 2nd, Emily Gallier 3rd, Rachel Williams 4th with highest score for floor.

The girls put on such a fantastic performance that when the results were published our Head Coach Sam exclaimed: "Another fantastic day for OGC today! The girls were great! Well done to everyone who took part. I couldn't be a prouder head coach than I am now. The standard of gymnastics we achieved and the improvements we have made is fantastic! The competitions were tough but girls you were fantastic and the results show this. Well done!!!"

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